Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We had a wonderful trip to Pennslyvania for Tyler's sister's wedding. It was a wonderful time of fun with his sister and brother and their families and friends. We started our trip on Friday at 11:00 am. We dropped our two older girls, Abigail and Hannah off at the church with
Bucky the youth pastor for them to leave on their choir tour. Then we headed out. We had an uneventful trip up, which is always a good thing. It was a little scary watching the gas prices rise as we headed north. But it was worth the money to see his sister get married!!! We had to go straight to the church for the rehersal. This is the view we saw as we came down the street the church was on.

Look at this beautiful little church.
The rehersal was fairly short and sweet.
The next day was the wedding day and we were excited. Here are some shots of us while getting Angie ready to walk down the isle.

Here I am helping her get her garters on. Her daughter Ariel is next to her. What a good shot of her. It was harder to get her to look at the camera as the day went on.

Here Angie is showing off her garters and her legs.

They are the cutest brother and sister I know besides Jonathan and all his sisters. This was right before they went to go down the isle.

This is the happy family with the Pastor after the wedding was over. Austin (Bruce's son from a previous relationship, they have custody of him) Ariel, Bruce, Pastor Moats and Angie. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fittry!!!
This is our family posing all together with the happy couple. (minus Abigail and Hannah) If you can read this girls we miss you!
Tyler and his sister dancing at the reception. It was an open air reception pavallion. So needless to say it was VERY HOT! We changed into shorts after all the official stuff was done.
We had a wonderful time at the reception. Angie and Bruce did a great job planning the wedding and reception.
Well Sunday morning came before we were ready to leave. Tyler's brother Darby and his girlfriend Christy, his sister Angie and her HUSBAND Bruce, and the four of us met at TGI Fridays for lunch. We had a fun time and then said our good byes... Angie and Bruce are planning on coming to South Carolina for Thanksgiving and we may see his brother Darby and Christy in September if we go to Pittsburgh for my cousin's wedding.
We headed out for the long drive. We decided to stop on our way back at a place we always pass and wonder what it is like. So since we were not really in any rush to get home we decided to stop.
The story behind this is, The older girls always call Jonathan Johnny Appleseed. He says he doesn't like it but he was the one who wanted to stop when we gave him the option.
Here Jonathan is with the very large statue of Johnny Appleseed outside of the restaurant.
I had to get Sarah in the picture too !!
This small playground was right behind the restaurant and hotel. It was a very nice opportunity for the kids to stretch and have some fun playing in the middle of a very long ride for them.
I even got in on the fun. I hope you enjoyed hearing about our wonderful trip.
Come back soon for some more fun with the Hoffmans !

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