Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunday School Picnic at Lake Greenwood

This was the beautiful scene before us when we arrived at the Lake Greenwood home of Wendy and Greg Bailey.

Tyler and I on the dock before the fun started.
We wasted no time getting right to the business at hand!
Sarah and Hannah swimming.
Abigail coming up the ladder and Patrick and Jonathan.
This is a picture of Gerry with Hannah and Sarah on the jet ski and Jonathan and Quentin with Gerry getting ready to go out for a ride.

Here are Owen and Garrett swimming by the dock.

Here are Rowan and Jax Mann, can you tell they love the camera. Here I am with Sarah and Jonathan on the Jet ski. I did not feel very comfortable with them riding with me, so soon after this shot was taken of us leaving we were back... I was so afraid I would have us all falling off.

Here is Tyler and the kids on the floats and Abigail and Sarah on the boat.
Here is Abigail and Hannah enjoying the lake!
Can I tell you what Tyler wants now.... He had sooooooooooo much fun on the jet ski! He was just like a little kid with a new toy. He even let me ride with him. The lake was beautiful... We had a great ride.
More jet ski and boating fun. Greg took all the kids and Adults that wanted to go out on the boat. By the way can I just say, knee boarding is much harder than it looks! Heather, Me, Nick and his friend went out and tried, well lets just say, I did not get up. I rode on my belly for the whole time... every time I tried to get to my knees I was thrown off. Lets just say that my stomach and upper arm muscles are still hurting today. Thanks again Greg and oh, "go faster, go faster"....
Me and Heather relaxing on the floats having some girl time. I think this was before the jet ski incident...Heather flipped right off of it. Gerry said it was like watching a movie in slow motion. She is very bruised up though, so if you see her ask her how she is.
After a long day... enjoying some time with Selah Mann. She is so precious!
Here are the boys at the end of the day playing the blame game... Lets just say it involved a jet ski, a buoy and Gerry, enough said!
Lewis, Tyler, Greg and Gerry

Special thanks to Wendy and Greg for hosting a wonderful day at the lake! You have helped us in creating some beautiful memories with our family and good friends!
Also I would be negligent if I did not mention that almost all of the pictures shown here were taken by Roxanne Mann. I took about 6 pictures all day. Thanks for having my back.

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sowing9seeds said...

Of course I have your back! And you can use my pictures anytime. Wasn't that a great day at the lake? My kids are still talking about that day and want to go again. I'm enjoying your blog very much!