Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going to the beach with Grandma and Grandpappy

Let me tell you what an awesome opportunity my children have been given this week. I have to preface this with the story of how it came about. My parents have a time share with Wyndham, and they have like a gazillion points. So needless to say they travel a lot and because he is a platinum member he gets a free upgrade on his room selection. He was telling me how they upgraded him to the 4 bedroom Presidential suite for his stay at Edisto Island. Him: "You should come with us" ; Me: "sorry i can't I have a preschool conference this weekend and I have to work next week for the preschool camp at church", Him: "Oh, to bad..." Me: "You should take all my kids with you, ha ha" Him: "Okay" Me: "What?????????"
Well needless to say I just about had them packed that day, what an awesome opportunity for some fun in the sun and some quality time with their Grandparents. I forgot to say my sister and her daughter were also going down for a long weekend also. So this made it even more fun for them..

My parents picked them up on Wednesday afternoon, they could only fit 3 comfortable, so they took Sarah and Jonathan. Here they are ready to go in the backseat. We had to put the bags of food I sent between them for the ride down. They look mighty happy to be leaving us :-(

They look mighty happy to be taking them also... I will be sure to post the looks on their faces when they get home!

Oh by the way how much stuff do you need to go to the beach with 4 kids and two adults?? obviously a lot looking at their car... I am sure they had a few people behind them chuckling.

Then a few hours later my sister called and she was getting close to our house and we told her we would meet her in Clinton so she would not have to go out of her way to get our two big girls. Abigail and Hannah were really excited to go with Michelle, my sister and my niece Paige. Here is Abigail ready to go. Here are Hannah and Paige giving each other some love!!
Okay... how much stuff do 3 girls, My sister, My niece and her friend need for a 4 day trip?? obviously a lot since they only thing we added to her car was my two girls and their purses.
Well we sent them off for a great week. Now what??... Well we decided to go to Greenville on the way back and do some shopping and have dinner at the shops at Greenridge. Can I just tell you I LOVE this shopping center...EVERY CHANCE I get I go to the shops at Greenridge I go if I am in Greenville, there are some awesome shops there.
More on our week alone later. I have some awesome pictures to share.. thanks for coming today. Also if you enjoyed the blog today please leave a comment.

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Sophie Morand said...

I am so glad I have boys, it is so easy to pack for them... their Nintendo DS and that is it!