Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wondering what 153 Samaritans Purse Shoe boxes look like...Here you go!.

I am so proud of our Sunday School class!
We have been collecting toys, school supplies and other fun things for a whole year now.
We were as a class able to put together 153 shoe boxes. I believe we covered the $1071.00 in shipping also by collecting money all year in our class to cover such things.
Our class takes up an offering each Sunday to cover all the mission projects we are involved in.

Jingle Bell Ball

We were given a wonderful opportunity to attend the Junior League Jingle Bell Ball. It is a big charity auction and dinner to benefit all the causes that the Junior League supports. My good friend Chandis Digby offered us two tickets that her parents were given that they could not use. This was great for us because the tickets normally cost 75.00 per person, so needless to say this is not an event we would normally spend the money to go to. The only thing I needed was a fancy dress. I went to Belks and was able to find a beautiful holiday dress on the clearance rack and then another 40% off the price... what a great deal!! I bought Tyler a new tie off the clearance table and we were ready to go. Several other friends were there also...Chandis and Randy, Heather and Gerry, Tracy and Brad, Melissa and David, Debbie and Mark and a few others.

We had a great time and even won a few auctions...
I bid on a pair of mother/ daughter monogram clogs, We bid on 2 upward registrations (which was good since we were signing Sarah up for the cheer leading it covered that plus one for the future, and we won it for less than 2 would have cost us, and the money went to the Junior League's charities.), I also bid and won a foil hair color, cut and eye brow waxing from Bama (Debby Cash-Westside Styling Salon), who I already had an appointment set up for in December that it will cover and it ended up I paid less money for the auction than if I had to pay her for it and the money again went to charity, too cool. Well all in all it was a wonderful evening!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

High School Musical 3

We were very fortunate to have a good friend, (Thanks Wendy!) to give us 4 certificates for free tickets to see High School Musical 3. Wow, what a blessing... we would have never gotten to see it in the real theatre. We would have had to wait till it came to the dollar theatre. We only had to pay for 2 kids and we got Me and Tyler, Abigail and Hannah free. It was a cute movie, I don't think there has been another movie lately that has held all 4 children's attention. Here are some pictures of the kids in the movies.

Celebrating at School

My fellow teachers convinced me to dress up for the day.. so I went with an easy costume that Heather had, I was Eeyore, how embarrassing...!!
Well we all looked cute together. Go 4K teachers!!

I was Eeyore, Leigh was Hannah Montana and Sophie
was the Queen of Hearts.

Trunk or Treat

I am so behind, so here are some pictures from trunk or treat. Our Sunday School class had a great turn out. We decided at last years trunk or treat that we would tailgate this year. It was a huge success... We had so much fun. Phil brought the big Piggly Wiggly grill and we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for all the adults and kids. We had 5 cars in Trunk or Treat, but about 10+ families sitting together giving out candy. Our wonderful teacher's wife, (Thanks Heather!!)
decided to make up personal invitations to our class to give to all the parents that through.

We have such and awesome class. Our class is very involved in the all the things going on in our church. We have a lot of fun, and we get things done! One of these days I will get some pictures of our class helping out at the Miracle Hill Rescue Mission (most people won't allow me to take pictures since it is so early, we start cooking at 6 am). We make and serve breakfast for about 70 - 80 men and women every 8 weeks, it is such a great time of serving and fellowship!

Well back to the subject at hand... Trunk or Treat.
We were told to decorate with a pumpkin theme... Here was our trunk.

I had pumpkin scented candles burning and had several comments about how good it smelled as they walked by.
Our children all did different things this year. I don't have a picture of Abigail because she went to a party at a friends house, and really I forgot... until it was too late... The only reason I have a picture of Hannah is because I copied it from a facebook friend who took pictures... Once we got there she pretty much hung out with her friends and we didn't see her again till the end of the night, when she went over to the gym with the youth group.
Here is a picture of Braeden and Brycen, I also took some pictures of the kids in my class that came through,(I just don't want to post their pictures without their permission, sorry) well until my camera died and I couldn't get anymore.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

After the game......A picnic at the park

A couple of weeks ago Jonathan had a late game at 11am so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and stay after and play some at the park and walk the trail. We had a great lunch. The bees tried to take us over but we got done before they got to us. Then the kids went to play on the playground.
Jonathan stopped playing to bring me a flower... What a sweet boy!!
Of course Abigail was reading while everyone else was playing....
Look at who we saw there.... Bethany Hurry... she was at the park with another family, so I took the opportunity to snap a picture of her.
After some time playing we took a long walk on the trail for the Disc golf course.
I think we missed the idea of what was supposed to land in the catchers.
They sure do look cute though!!

Here are some shots of them walking on the last part of the trail.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thursday afternoon revenge

I volunteer every Thursday at Westview. One Thursday many weeks ago my good friend Sophie was also at school... So as I left the school I moved her 2 magnets to her driver's side door. Just to surprise her.

Well on Thursday I was at the school and so was Sophie, I came out to my car and this is what I found

Of course I left them that way till I could get home and take some pictures of it to blog about... Yes Michelle, I am also blogging about car magnets. I have waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time on my hands.
And Most of all I can't forget to thank my wonderful friend Sophie for a really good belly laugh, when I finally found my magnets on the front of the car. I really thought she took them with her.
Thanks Sophie!