Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trunk or Treat

I am so behind, so here are some pictures from trunk or treat. Our Sunday School class had a great turn out. We decided at last years trunk or treat that we would tailgate this year. It was a huge success... We had so much fun. Phil brought the big Piggly Wiggly grill and we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for all the adults and kids. We had 5 cars in Trunk or Treat, but about 10+ families sitting together giving out candy. Our wonderful teacher's wife, (Thanks Heather!!)
decided to make up personal invitations to our class to give to all the parents that through.

We have such and awesome class. Our class is very involved in the all the things going on in our church. We have a lot of fun, and we get things done! One of these days I will get some pictures of our class helping out at the Miracle Hill Rescue Mission (most people won't allow me to take pictures since it is so early, we start cooking at 6 am). We make and serve breakfast for about 70 - 80 men and women every 8 weeks, it is such a great time of serving and fellowship!

Well back to the subject at hand... Trunk or Treat.
We were told to decorate with a pumpkin theme... Here was our trunk.

I had pumpkin scented candles burning and had several comments about how good it smelled as they walked by.
Our children all did different things this year. I don't have a picture of Abigail because she went to a party at a friends house, and really I forgot... until it was too late... The only reason I have a picture of Hannah is because I copied it from a facebook friend who took pictures... Once we got there she pretty much hung out with her friends and we didn't see her again till the end of the night, when she went over to the gym with the youth group.
Here is a picture of Braeden and Brycen, I also took some pictures of the kids in my class that came through,(I just don't want to post their pictures without their permission, sorry) well until my camera died and I couldn't get anymore.

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Tyler Hoffman said...

I love the way the trunk did a great job