Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the best Husband, Friend, Father, and Brother!!
Here are some shots of the wonderful man I married.
Here he is last year when he turned 41.
This year he is 42!
He loves us all very much!
He is a Godly husband and role model to our children.
He works VERY HARD to provide for us.
He loves making our yard the best it can be.
He takes care of us.
He is awesome!
He drives us on all our trips with the greatest of care.
He makes sure to spend time with me on special getaways.
........and of course he is sooooooooooooooo much FUN!

He is a great man and I am so thankful that God brought him into my life
and to his parents for raising him to the man he is!
I love you,
Happy Birthday
Till next year,

Fourth of July

Fun on the Fourth
Greenville, SC.
We decided very last minute to spend the evening in Greenville
at a Greenville Drive Game.
It was very hot and crowded, but it was a fun night.
We had dinner there and watched the game from several vantage points.
Once the game was over there were fireworks over the stadium.
We had great seats for the fireworks!
Here are the kids with the mascot.
We saw Jonathan's friends Ben and Lucas there.
I decided to get a few shots of them with the mascot.

Ben, Jonathan and Lucas...and yes they are all pretty much the same age.
Jonathan is down a step though.
Tyler and the kids down on the field after the game was over.
Waiting for the fireworks to start.
Watching the fireworks.

Some of the beautiful fireworks.
All in all it was a great night of fireworks.
Till next time,

Edisto Island 2009

Edisto Island
June 27th - July 3rd
This year we planned to go to Edisto Island with my parents for a week. The girls were on choir tour till Saturday afternoon so we could not leave until Saturday night instead of Friday morning when the condo became available. Oh well, it made for a fun night at Red, White and Boom.
Here are some shots from the first day at the beach... notice the pale skin... the kids get darker as the week goes on.
Tyler basking in the sun.
Sarah showing off her pale skin.Jonathan enjoying the waves.Hannah playing in the sand... somewhere she spent a lot of time.Abigail ready to play. Our view off one of our 3 balconies.
Our view of the golf course, the 9th hole.

On Tuesday we headed to Hilton Head for the day.
We love Hilton Head and since we were "somewhat" close, we wanted to take the kids to see Gregg Russell under the old Oak Tree in Harbour town.
Here are some shots of the kids while waiting for the concert to start.
Sarah loves the camera, can you tell.
Waiting on the stage for Gregg Russell to start.
What kind of smile is that Sarah??
Still waiting............
Me and Tyler waiting.... isn't he cute!!
The Harbour town lighthouse was our view from our seats.
Hannah and Abigail sat down on the benches with us instead of the stage with Jonathan and Sarah. I guess they are getting too old to sit up there. :-(
What a beautiful smile she has!!!
All the kids with Gregg Russell
Taking the opportunity to get some good shots of the kids.
Sarah and Jonathan.
Hannah, Sarah and Jonathan.
Hannah trying to get a good Facebook profile shot.
I think this one is great!
Another good one!!
A great shot of the kids!
Wednesday at the beach.
Great picture, too bad Jonathan wasn't looking.

I love this picture.... notice Sarah and Hannah running into the ocean while Abigail is content on the shore.
Jonathan in the waves.
Hannah and Jonathan.
All in all it was a great week,
It ended too quick!!
I want to go back!!!
Till next time,

Fireworks and Fun

Red, White and Boom
June 26, 2009
Downtown Spartanburg

We really should have been packing for the beach, but we decided that we couldn't pass up a chance to take the kids out for a fun night.

Abigail and Hannah were out of town on a mission trip so we only had Jonathan and Sarah with us.
We decided to go downtown and watch the fireworks... it had been a while since we had been down to see them so we were due.
Here are some shots of the kids on the way.
The fireworks begin!

Sarah and Jonathan during the fireworks.... how cute are they!
Jonathan really loves the fireworks!

Sarah and her friend from school, Tristyn. Tyler and I after the fireworks were over. Sarah and Jonathan posing.

We parked our car at Morgan Square so we had to walk back to the car after the fireworks... so on the way we took the opportunity to take some cute pictures of the kids.

In front of the fountain.

On our way back we decided to have dessert at Justin's with the kids... what a treat for us too!
It was wonderful!!
Here are some shots of the kids enjoying their dessert.

All in all it was a GREAT night,
Till next time,