Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fireworks and Fun

Red, White and Boom
June 26, 2009
Downtown Spartanburg

We really should have been packing for the beach, but we decided that we couldn't pass up a chance to take the kids out for a fun night.

Abigail and Hannah were out of town on a mission trip so we only had Jonathan and Sarah with us.
We decided to go downtown and watch the fireworks... it had been a while since we had been down to see them so we were due.
Here are some shots of the kids on the way.
The fireworks begin!

Sarah and Jonathan during the fireworks.... how cute are they!
Jonathan really loves the fireworks!

Sarah and her friend from school, Tristyn. Tyler and I after the fireworks were over. Sarah and Jonathan posing.

We parked our car at Morgan Square so we had to walk back to the car after the fireworks... so on the way we took the opportunity to take some cute pictures of the kids.

In front of the fountain.

On our way back we decided to have dessert at Justin's with the kids... what a treat for us too!
It was wonderful!!
Here are some shots of the kids enjoying their dessert.

All in all it was a GREAT night,
Till next time,


Sophie Morand said...

Where is Justin's? The ice cream looks so good.... yummi!

Tyler Hoffman said...

Incredible fireworks, Awesome seats, Delicious desserts, Great kids, Beautiful wife, Fabulous night!