Monday, July 6, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend
Oak Island, NC
This year for Memorial Day we headed to the beach.
My Aunt owns a beach house on Oak Island in North Carolina that is wonderful.
If anyone reading this wants a great place to rent at the beach,
leave me a comment and I will send you information about it.
Well every trip to the beach has at least one fun project for us to do.
This year was not exception, our project this year was to make scrapbook pages for a book that my Aunt is working on. Each person had there own page to do with photos of them that my Aunt had.
It was a lot of fun... I am still putting the finishing touches on our pages... I had to do some things to my page that I didn't have access to at her house, so I brought them home to finish and I will send them to her.
Here are me, Abigail and Hannah working on our pages.

We found a new game that we are hooked on, it is called ladder ball. It was so much fun, the kids loved it and are hoping that we can get it for our house... Paul made their set so we will see...
We found one at Target that is not too much, so we may just buy it!
Here is Tyler, Jonathan and Sarah playing.

Jonathan waiting for his turn....

Pictures of the kids at the beach




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Sophie Morand said...

Beautiful pictures of the kids at the beach. What is that game?? Never heard about it! You know me, I love to play.

Tyler Hoffman said...

Another great beach trip....We need to move there