Monday, June 15, 2009

Backing up a bit...

This year we did the usual Easter picture in front of the house and by the Maple tree.
I am amazed when I look back at all the pictures how much the kids have grown.
We did add a few more this year.
The kids wanted to have one of them jumping on the trampoline, so we added that this year along with a few others.

On the bench by the River Birch tree.
Jumping for Joy!
By the Maple tree.

Toby enjoying Easter fun.

After taking our pictures we decided to go to the new park in downtown Duncan.
The kids loved it!
It was a great end to a great day!

Till next time,


Sophie Morand said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one on the trampoline!

Tyler Hoffman said...

I love that we take the Easter pictures every year.....we'll treasure them as we get old.