Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brian and Marybeth's wedding

A wonderful evening!
May 16, 2009
We were invited to Brian and Marybeth's wedding at AMRBC and their reception at Summit Pointe.
It was a wonderful wedding. So sweet and special. They had a great reception at Summit Pointe next to Chandi's.
The food was great and it was a lot of fun for the kids.
This is the first wedding that the kids have been invited to that they actually were friends with the people getting married.
I think we have moved into a new era of our lives....
we are no longer going to our friends weddings, but to the weddings of our children's friends...
Wow we are old! :-(
Here is a shot of Sarah posing pretty for us... she was so excited to wear this dress... the last time it was worn was at my Aunt's wedding by Hannah when she was 6.

Sarah and Jonathan looking adorable.

I am not sure what Jonathan was doing here.... I think he was just sitting on the floor next to Sarah's chair.

Sarah caught the bouquet.
She was so excited to get to pose with Marybeth for a "real" picture.
Sarah just loves Marybeth.
It was very magical for Sarah to see the wedding.
She said Marybeth looked like a princess!

Sarah with the bouquet.

Abigail looking very pretty!

Hannah looking very pretty!

Jonathan and Sarah dancing at the reception

All in all a wonderful night of fun and fellowship.
Till next time,

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Tyler Hoffman said...

Everyone had such a great time....Wonderful smiles