Monday, June 8, 2009

End of April Begining of May

Terrific Kid
April 23, 2009

On April 23rd we went to Westview to see Jonathan being honored as Terrific Kid. He was chosen by his classmates and his Teacher.

When we walked out of the ceremony we noticed Sarah's writing had won the Principal's pick for her work. It was displayed on the bulletin board outside of the cafeteria.
Here is a picture of it with a picture of her reading it for the school.
End of year Chorus Concert
April 30, 2009
Every year Hannah is in an end of year chorus concert to show off all they have learned in Chorus class for the year. This year since she is in the 7th grade she got to wear the black formal dress.
Last year she had to wear a blue chorus shirt and black pants.
She looked beautiful in her dress!
They did a wonderful job singing.

Children's Choir Concert
May 3, 2009

Jonathan is in the children's choir at church. Every year they put on a musical for the church at Christmas and in the spring.

This year they decided to teach the children about true praise and worship. It was a wonderful show. Jonathan did a great job. He had a speaking part and did a wonderful job.

Jonathan during his speaking part.
They honored the kids that will no longer be in the children's choir next year. Jonathan will be moving up to the Shift preteen next year. They gave a little gift to all the kids.
Here is Jonathan getting his gift.

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Sophie Morand said...

I love the pic of the family for Jonathan's Terrific Kid Ceremony... I am so glad you posted, I was wondering what you were doing!!!