Tuesday, August 18, 2009

July at the Hoffmans

We have had a very busy July, so busy I apparently have not posted since then... so here you go a catch up...
Well, we did lots of fun things...
We went to several movies over the summer, here are the kids on July 15th when we went to see Nim's Island. It was a very cute movie.
You may notice the nice young man next to Hannah... it's her "boyfriend" Jacob,
this is another new development from the month of July.
He is a Godly young man and Hannah is enjoying spending a little time with him
With LOTS of supervision by both sets of parents.Here is Sarah at the movies
And Jonathan also!
Abigail was working at the church office and missed the movies.
We also made a trip to Union this summer to have lunch with Tyler.
We should have gone a lot more!!
Here are some shots of the kids at the park.
July 20th

Tyler and I on the bench.We also were able to catch another Greenville Drive game.... this time it was not so busy and we had good seats on the lawn. Because it was a Friday night they had fireworks at the end of the game.
If you want a fairly cheap, fun night you should go.... the tickets are 5.00 on the lawn and you see the game pretty well.
July 24th
My nephew Jake was playing in a Baseball Tournament at Clemson on Sat the 25th of July so we decided to make the drive and see him play.
He did pretty well..... he was the pitcher.
So I got some cute pictures of the kids and of all the cousins together.
The Hoffman and Drehoff kids

As you can see we had a very busy July.
August and the first day of School will be coming soon!
Till next time,

Abigail gets her Permit !!

Today (July 20th) I took Abigail to the DMV to get her permit. Wow ... all I have to say is watch out Spartanburg!! and if you are behind us and she is driving waaaaay to slow, I am sorry!