Friday, May 22, 2009

The REAL Disney Day 6

Disney Day 6
Magic Kingdom
We woke up early on Saturday, since it was check out day. We hurried and packed up the toiletries bags and got the kids dressed. We then all had a quick breakfast.
Sarah said she wasn't feeling good so she went and laid down... next thing I know she is running into the bathroom throwing up, so after another quick shower she was still not feeling well. I snapped this picture of her to commemorate our eventful morning. We were not sure if we would make it to Disney for our last day of tickets. She really did not feel good.... after laying down for a while and making us late to check out, we finally got all our stuff out and loaded into our car.

We rode the resort bus over to Disney, so we wouldn't have to pay parking and started our day.
Thankfully, Sarah was feeling better by now.
We stopped by the front entrance to get a picture of all the kids since it was raining the other day, and the pictures didn't turn out that good.

Here is Abigail and Sarah riding the Magic Carpets.

We then climbed the Swiss family Robinson tree house. The kids really enjoyed looking at all the stuff in the tree house. Jonathan of course decided that he needs to read the book when we get home so he can learn more about it.

We also stopped in to see Ariel, Jonathan was blushing when she talked to him, and Sarah was beaming.

We then decided to ride the carousel. Its a favorite of all the kids, Mom and Dad even love it!



and Hannah

We then went into the Tinker Bell store and Sarah rang the "bell" to see if Tinkerbell would come out, well she did! You can see by the expression on Sarah's face that she was amazed!
It was too cute!
Ringing the bell.

Waiting in anticipation.

Tinkerbell arrived!

The kids decided to go on the barnstormer roller coaster, so Sarah and Abigail and I decided to go into the big top and wait in line to meet Tinkerbell and her friends. It was worth the wait!
Sarah has been infatuated with Tinkerbell this trip so she was very excited to meet her in person. Abigail came with us for some of the same reasons... but most of all I think she just wanted to see Tinkerbell herself.
Waiting in line.

Abigail and Sarah

Tinkerbell's friend

Tinkerbell signing her book and talking with Sarah. She is showing her all the Tinkerbell pins she has on her lanyard.

Posing with Tink.

Tinkerbell's other friend... not sure of their names.

We then went over to ride on the Indy speedway. Sarah loved this ride, it was her second time this week. She rode with Daddy this time.

Jonathan and I before the ride began. The nice ride attendant saw me taking a picture of Sarah and Tyler and offered to take a picture of us.
She did a great job!

Jonathan driving

Hannah and Abigail

Jonathan, Me and Sarah

Outside of one of the rides

Just outside of the Buzz lightyear ride.

We spent most all of our trip checking out cast members pins. They were very excited to pin trade this year. We bought them all a cheap set of 7 pins that they could trade with people for nicer pins. The Disney "cast members" have to trade with kids and they have to take whatever pin the kid gives them. This was exciting to the kids, they made sure to trade their cheap ones for much nicer pins, well most of the time. I had to be sure and include this picture since it is what we did in every park on every day. I will try to post pictures later the pins they got so you can see them all since I bought a cool shadow box for each kid to place their pins in to display them in their rooms.

Later in the evening, we went to the Starlight cafe. It was good food and a good atmosphere to eat our last meal of the week and day in Disney.

Sarah and Jonathan

Hannah and Abigail being nice to each other.

Getting off of the Peter Pan ride.

One of our favorites this year.

A picture that Abigail took of us during the fireworks show. It had been a long day at this point.

Hannah and Abigail enjoying the fireworks

Tyler holding Sarah and Jonathan

Hannah pointing at Tinkerbell flying across the sky.

Our favorite family ride of all time is It's a Small World. We always ride on it several times while at Disney. We also make sure that it is always the last ride we ride when we leave Disney at night or at the end of a fun week.

Our last picture in Disney in 2009!

What a great shot of all the kids and Cinderella's Castle in the far off background.

All in all this was an excellent day,

Now on to the hard stuff..... we had to ride the bus back to the resort, much later than we had planned and get into the car and drive up to Jacksonville to our hotel for the night. We ended up arriving at our hotel at around 1 am.

We were very tired.

It has been a wonderful trip!

Glad you were able to enjoy it vicariously through the blog.

Till next time,


Ps. I now can start on Easter and the rest of Spring that I have missed out on.

Stay tuned for more blogs coming.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 6 at the Resort

Bonnet Creek
Friday April 3, 2009

On Friday we decided that we needed a break... we were TIRED! It didn't hurt that it was supposed to rain for part of the morning and afternoon.
We slept in....Yeah!
Then we had a nice leisurely breakfast.
After getting ready we spent the afternoon at the pool.
Here are some shots of the kids at the pool.
Jonathan had so much fun, most of the day actually in several inner tubes like this...
What a handsome guy!

Hannah spent part of the day tanning next to me, when she wasn't in the pool.
We had a nice nap together....

Sarah spent all her time in the pool.... she was quite wrinkled when she came out.

Abigail had fun also, what a beauty!

Jonathan is just so cute we needed another picture.

Here is our view from our balcony on the 9th floor
You will notice in the very far background is the Epcot ball.
We were able to watch the fireworks over the ball on the nights that we were home... well the first night we were there and didn't go to Disney and today since we didn't spend the day at Disney
Well on Saturday we have to check out of the resort and then we will ride the shuttle over to Magic Kingdom.
But I will leave that story for tomorrows post.
All in all a restful and good day
Till next time,