Thursday, October 29, 2009

August at the Hoffmans

Sorry for the Hiatus....
I have been so busy.... but also...Lazy... so for the few followers that I did have I hope you come back.
Well August was a busy month for us... I will give you a short history in pictures of the first half of the month.
August 3rd... We went to fanfest at Wofford for the Panthers. It was a lot of fun, and the we had a great time!

Captian Munnerlon (sp??) signing our ball....
so far he has done well so we are happy!
August 7th Panthers training camp at Wofford... getting autographs

Not sure who this is... but he signed our ball and posed for a picture! Yay...

That is our ball he is signing!
Fun times with Granddaddy!
August 8th in Charlotte for fanfest at the stadium
August 14th Meet the teacher

Sarah's teacher Ms. Campsen and Jonathan's teacher Mr. Smith.

While on our way to visit Jonathan's teacher, we found a piece of his artwork that was framed and hanging in the hall.

Way to go Jonathan!!

Till next time,