Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Kids weekend without us

While we were in Charleston Jonathan had a great opportunity to go to a Dorman game Friday night, and run out on the field with the big Dorman players.... We found out about this long after our weekend away was already planned. We were so sad we were going to miss it. Thank goodness Grandpappy agreed to take Jonathan to Dorman for the game and video tape it for us. It looked so cool I wish we had been there.
Here are some video clips from the night and some pictures.

Saturday Grandpappy took all the kids to Fall Festival at church, this is also always on the weekend we go away for our anniversary. We missed it last year also. I forget were we went last year for our anniversary, but he took them that weekend also. I am sure they had a fun time. If anyone saw my children and they were dressed strange, it was not my fault. He or my mom let Sarah wear whatever she puts on, and sometimes that is really scary. I think Abigail or Hannah did her hair, not sure. If they were acting crazy, again, not my fault, I wasn't there.

Sunday they took the kids to church in the morning. I was so proud of them for getting ready for him. Sarah picked out a red dress, no tights and red patten leather high heel clogs that are way too big on her. She looked interesting when we got home. Thank goodness we can usually trust what Abigail and Hannah put on when we are not home.
All in all I think they had a fun weekend with their grandparents. They just love spending time with them. And I think my parents love spending time with them even though I am sure they drive my parents crazy.

The long awaited Charleston Post...

Well its finally here.... Sorry for it taking so long... sometimes I am so busy, I can't seem to sit down and just do it....It's really not that bad once I do it... I am always afraid it will take me so long... so I just put it off..... kinda like a lot of things....
We started our long weekend off early Friday morning... it was walk to school day for Jonathan and Sarah so we got Abigail and Hannah on the bus and then we drove to the shopping center to park and unload the kids... we walk from down where the old Harris Teeter was. We walked them to school and into their classes... It was a nice walk... I forgot to bring my camera and take pictures... I am so bad... one day I will get better at remembering to bring the camera everywhere. We then came home and loaded the car. We had to go to the church office and pick up my paycheck so we would have some money to spend and to the bank to deposit it. We finally got on the road around 10am or so... We had a nice relaxing ride to Charleston...

We stopped for a early lunch in Columbia since we knew that we were having a early dinner at Hymens when we got to Charleston....It is our favorite restaurant there for seafood...It is always good no matter what we order. The last time we were in Charleston... about 2 years ago we were spotted wearing a Hymens raving fan sticker and won a 25.00 gift certificate... the catch is you have to use it before 5pm to get the full value... after that it was only worth 12.50... so we had to eat early for sure.

Once we arrived in Charleston, we headed to our favorite "thrift" store and found some wonderful bargains. I found 2 Lily Pulitzer skirts and some other cool stuff for the kids and Tyler. The 2 skirts were in wonderful condition... I think one of them is brand new just without the tags. If they don't fit me I will put them on eBay. I also found a great blue shirt from Talbots that was new without tags also. Tyler found some Jos A Banks dress pants and a nice blazer. I also found the Hannah some Abercrombie jeans and a sweatshirt. All in all it was a great visit to one of our favorite "stores".

Once finished we headed downtown to our hotel. It was so nice to check in and have the valet take the car to park for us. We did not see our car again till Sunday afternoon when we checked out.
We went to dinner at Hymens and had a wonderful dinner. Since it was our anniversary I got to get my all time favorite for dinner....Alaskan King Crab legs... they were a little pricey but they were wonderful. I got 6 huge legs and some butter to dip it in, I was in heaven. Tyler got something... I am not sure what... I was so into my crab legs....I ruined a brand new black shirt with a small butter stain, but it was worth it. We left Hymens and walked through the market for a little and went back to our room for an early evening.

This was a cool garden that we saw, it had already closed for the day. We meant to go back sometime over the weekend, but we forgot. Maybe next time.

We woke up early Saturday morning and went to Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast. It was really good. After that we went shopping all day on King Street. We had lots of fun. We looked in lots of cute shops and bought a few things, but not too much. We saw this store window which made us laugh

It rained off and on all day... but we were together so it didn't matter... well sort of.

We went back to the room and got ready for dinner. We had a great dinner at a small Caribbean place called Toast, it was wonderful, off the beaten path and not busy. We decided not to have dinner there and go to Kaminsky's for dessert. We walked out and it was pouring rain.... we had left our umbrella in the room which was several blocks away, so we decided to just run, about 7 blocks up to Market Street. We hung out on Market Street for a while, but we were so full that we never made it to Kaminsky's for dessert. We stayed out late and had a fun time with each other.

This was before we went out for dinner... and before the rain.
We woke up Sunday not wanting to leave. We took our time and got ready, we didn't know where to eat breakfast so we just walked around till we found Poogan's Porch, it looked cute and was busy so we waited for about 15 minutes till we were seated. If you go to Charleston, this is one place to skip. The food was not very good, the service was poor and it took forever. At one point during the meal they took Tyler's coffee cup, once he had finished the first cup, now I did say they took it, not refilled it but took it all together.... finally Tyler asked if he could have another cup of coffee he was told that there were no coffee cups clean and he would have to wait. We were sitting near the coffee and wait staff station so he could see one cup sitting on the shelf, he pointed it out to our waiter, and he said "you want that cup, its too small" Tyler said Yes, its the same size as my last cup, so after 25 minutes with no coffee he finally got another cup. Then our meal arrived, it was biscuits and sausage gravy, there was no sausage in the gravy just one patty on top and the biscuit was sooooooooo dry. He had asked Tyler how he wanted his eggs that was with the biscuits and gravy, he told him over easy, well they came scrambled. I asked for a side of bacon instead of the side of sausage that was with it and got the sausage and the bacon and charged 5.00 for 2 pieces of bacon.
We spent the remainder of Sunday down by the battery and walking around the neighborhoods around there. We headed home about 4 pm.
It was a fantastic weekend!
Can't wait till we can go back!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


No this is not an update yet... I promise one is coming.... I just wanted to let anyone who has not already heard...How awesome the Dorman players played tonight... the final score was 35 to 28. Dorman beat the Number 1??? team in the country... Wow..... What a game....
till the next update... I promise I will do one soon... I do have pictures from Charleston to load up.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sarah can fall asleep anywhere!!

Here are just a few shots of Sarah asleep in stange positions or in strange places.

Friday, October 10, 2008

16 Year Anniversary !!!!Yeah!!!!

October 10th is our 16 year anniversary.
We are going away alone for a wonderful weekend. We are staying at the Lodge Alley Inn in Charleston, SC. It is a wonderful old restored mill building that is beautiful. It is located in the heart of Charleston right near the city market.
Here are some pictures of the outside near the courtyard in the middle of the hotel and the room like we will have.

Thanks to our wonderful friends Heather and Gerry for helping us get a great place to stay!

I also need to say thanks to the wonderful friend that gave us whole goody bag full of snacks to take . We will not need to buy any extra snacks we should be good all weekend.

Another BIG thank you goes out to my parents for watching all four kids for the weekend for us so we can go alone!

I am so excited to get away.... we will leave first thing in the morning once the kids have gotten off to school.
I will post some pictures of our trip once we get back.
Till next time

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Last Weekend....

Well sorry for the long wait for a new post, my one regular fan asked for an update and of course I have one, I have just been lazy in updating. We have actually been very busy... the main reason for the lack of time to post. Well 2 weekends ago We had a long weekend. The kids had Friday off school for a Teacher workday. We had a date night planned. Tyler took a half day and we went to Westview to talk with Jonathan's teacher and she said he was doing GREAT! The movie Fireproof came out on Friday the 26th. We had planned a date night with several couples in our Sunday School class. We met first for dinner at Moes with Robbie and Amy Mason. The Evatts had planned to come but had to back out so Amy called her parents to join us at the movies. It was a great way to have the tickets used since Amy's Dad is not saved and the movie gave a great presentation of the gospel. The Mann's were also supposed to join us, but they had the stomach bug going through their house. We met up with the Victoria and Patrick Rupp at the movie theatre. The movie was wonderful! We loved it. It made me laugh so hard I cried and it made me cry so hard. It was great. After dinner we all went to City Range for dessert and to discuss the movie. It was really yummy. We had a great time but it was late and we were very tired. Tyler had to go to work very very early Saturday morning since Jonathan had his first game at 10:30. He had to work 4 hours and be in Boiling Springs by 10:00

Jonathan had his first game. And it was SUPER, they won YEAH! Here are some pictures.

During the game.

After the game!

Sarah lost her top two front teeth last week. Mrs. Trotter pulled them both out on different days. I haven't had a chance to post some pictures, so here you go!