Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Kids weekend without us

While we were in Charleston Jonathan had a great opportunity to go to a Dorman game Friday night, and run out on the field with the big Dorman players.... We found out about this long after our weekend away was already planned. We were so sad we were going to miss it. Thank goodness Grandpappy agreed to take Jonathan to Dorman for the game and video tape it for us. It looked so cool I wish we had been there.
Here are some video clips from the night and some pictures.

Saturday Grandpappy took all the kids to Fall Festival at church, this is also always on the weekend we go away for our anniversary. We missed it last year also. I forget were we went last year for our anniversary, but he took them that weekend also. I am sure they had a fun time. If anyone saw my children and they were dressed strange, it was not my fault. He or my mom let Sarah wear whatever she puts on, and sometimes that is really scary. I think Abigail or Hannah did her hair, not sure. If they were acting crazy, again, not my fault, I wasn't there.

Sunday they took the kids to church in the morning. I was so proud of them for getting ready for him. Sarah picked out a red dress, no tights and red patten leather high heel clogs that are way too big on her. She looked interesting when we got home. Thank goodness we can usually trust what Abigail and Hannah put on when we are not home.
All in all I think they had a fun weekend with their grandparents. They just love spending time with them. And I think my parents love spending time with them even though I am sure they drive my parents crazy.


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