Monday, June 8, 2009

Catch up time.... Abigail at USC Upstate

Focus Gallery at USC Upstate
Abigail's artwork was chosen to be displayed in the USC Upstate Focus Gallery. It is a wonderful honor. They had a little reception and said a few words to each of the kids.
This is a self portrait that she painted with acrylic paint. She had one picture of herself and then she used Photoshop to put the picture in negative colors and then painted the pattern of several of the same pictures of herself.

Abigail with the director of art from USC Upstate.

Abigail and her artwork.


Kim said...

Wow, Abigail's art is really good! She is talented!!!

Stacy said...

That is a great honor!!! Way to go!

Sophie Morand said...

Woah, I am really impressed. Good job! It is beautiful.

Tyler Hoffman said...

Abigail does such a great job...she's been blessed.