Monday, July 6, 2009

A new haircut....

This is for my family and friends who don't live in South Carolina.
In a very rash decision I decided while waiting to color my hair at the stylist that I would like to try a new "Short" hair do... so here you go.
I had about 8 inches cut off.
I donated it to locks of love, I hope they will use it since it was a little shorter than they like to get, but the woman at Gibbs seemed to think it would be okay.

Please excuse the mess in my bathroom,
but it was a good shot of the haircut.
All in all it is a good haircut!
Till next time,


Stacy said...

Well I think it is a great haircut!!

Sophie Morand said...

I LOVE it!!!

Tyler Hoffman said...

LOVE IT!! good they can use the hair for locks of love