Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jingle Bell Ball

We were given a wonderful opportunity to attend the Junior League Jingle Bell Ball. It is a big charity auction and dinner to benefit all the causes that the Junior League supports. My good friend Chandis Digby offered us two tickets that her parents were given that they could not use. This was great for us because the tickets normally cost 75.00 per person, so needless to say this is not an event we would normally spend the money to go to. The only thing I needed was a fancy dress. I went to Belks and was able to find a beautiful holiday dress on the clearance rack and then another 40% off the price... what a great deal!! I bought Tyler a new tie off the clearance table and we were ready to go. Several other friends were there also...Chandis and Randy, Heather and Gerry, Tracy and Brad, Melissa and David, Debbie and Mark and a few others.

We had a great time and even won a few auctions...
I bid on a pair of mother/ daughter monogram clogs, We bid on 2 upward registrations (which was good since we were signing Sarah up for the cheer leading it covered that plus one for the future, and we won it for less than 2 would have cost us, and the money went to the Junior League's charities.), I also bid and won a foil hair color, cut and eye brow waxing from Bama (Debby Cash-Westside Styling Salon), who I already had an appointment set up for in December that it will cover and it ended up I paid less money for the auction than if I had to pay her for it and the money again went to charity, too cool. Well all in all it was a wonderful evening!

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Tyler Hoffman said...

I had a great time with you.....just like always. It was one of those times to cherish