Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 5 Sunday

Well today was Sunday and what an awesome day it was. We had a wonderful day of Sunday School and Worship. Thank you Lewis for a great lesson and for filling in for Gerry, who is away for his 40th, yes I said 40th birthday!
Happy Birthday Gerry!
After church we went to Sams for lunch and the "buffet".
Once home I decided to lay down and had the best Sunday afternoon nap. I have not had such a wonderful nap on a Sunday in a long time. It was GREAT!
After my nap I decided that Toby really needed a bath.
So the next few pictures are the during shots. He sure does look skinny when he is wet. He is so good for a bath. He just stands there and lets me wash him. He is such a good dog!

Here I am drying him. It takes more time to dry his hair then mine.

Doesn't he look great! I trimmed him up around the face and his top knot. He smells better too. I just love my dog.
Golly I really miss the kids..

Well until tomorrow.


jkstrib said...

Toby is a handsome fellow! Molly says hey!

Sophie Morand said...

Tobi looked handsome after his bath!