Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well how long has it been ?? I have been so busy it has been 2 plus months since my last post... That is shameful! I will try to do a quick recap of the events of the past months. Sorry this will be a long one. On April 25th Sarah and her kindergarten class went to the Greenville zoo. Here are some recent pictures of her and her friends.

Sarah on the bear by the exit gate.
Sarah and her best friend Julia Kate.

Sarah and her friend Evelyn. How cute they look. This was a fun day for all.

That evening we had to go to Owen Cieluch's Birthday party at the Westside club. It was also knock down doubles night... so a fun night was had by all.

On Saturday April 26th Jonathan and Sarah were in the children's choir performance of Splash Kingdom. It was a wonderful musical. Jonathan had a lead roll. He was Dew Drop the surfer dude for the play part. Here are some shots from the musical.

Here is the entire cast of the musical.

Here are all the lead speaking roles.

Sarah and Jonathan after the musical was over. Jonathan had some big hair!

Sarah and her good fried Kate Elizabeth.

On Wednesday April 30th We went to Converse College for the South Carolina Junior Scholars Program. Abigail received the award for scoring very high on her PSATs. We are so proud of her. This was a big deal and all of the districts were present with their winners also. District 6 had a large number of students that did very well. I believe that the highest scorer for Spartanburg county came out of district 6.
The blur is Abigail shaking Ken Kiser's hand.

Wow that sure was a lot and we are just through April.

May started out busy and stayed that way. On May 3rd we had a wonderful Progressive dinner with our Sunday School class. We started at our house for appetizers. Next we went to the Mason's for salad. We then proceeded to the Baileys for our main course. Our night ended at the Cieluchs for dessert. We played games at each house (Thank you Wendy) and had a wonderful time. On Sunday we had Celebration Sunday at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium for church. It was a wonderful service. Our Sunday school class got together and had lunch at Wild Wing downtown. You can go to the Mann's website http://www.themannquiver.com/ and see the pictures she took. I forgot my camera. Afterwards some families stayed downtown and enjoyed the Spring Fling.

On Tuesday May 6th Hannah had her Kids of Character Ceremony. She was nominated by her teachers for this wonderful honor. I will add a picture of Hannah with her shirt later.

May 9th was Jonathan's 9th Birthday. We always let the kids pick were they want to eat out on their birthdays. Jonathan picked out Kanpai. It worked out pretty good because the older girls were out with the youth group from church, so we saved a little money on the bill. We are still working on planning a party for him. He can't wait!

May 16th was Sarah's end of the year program for Kindergarten. They had an ocean theme this year.

This is a shot of Sarah saying her line.

Everyone wears a bow and a visor to the beach, right??

I had my last Day of Preschool on May 16th also. We ended the year with a picnic at Cleveland Park in Spartanburg. Sarah got to come with me since we found out she was running a fever before we left her school. (We went to the Doctor after the ELC picnic and she had strep.) It was a fun year but I am excited for the summer break. On May 23rd we packed up the car and the kids and headed to Oak Island, North Carolina for a long weekend at the best beach house ever! We were able to see my family and have a great weekend of catching up with family and sleep. By the way the ocean temperature at the end of May in North Carolina is still a bit chilly if anyone was wondering!

Upon returning we had several (3) honors day programs to attend and Abigail's 8th grade graduation program. My baby is going into high school. Where has the time gone? The kids had their last day of school on Friday May 30th. Wow we are so excited about getting to sleep in! But not for too long...

On Friday after school we had Abigail's 14th Birthday party. (Her Birthday is April 6th) I know we are so slack, but it is always so crazy for us we just had to wait until now. She pick having her friends for lunch at Fuddruckers. We had a great time. Here are some pictures of her and her friends.
Stephanie, Abigail, Bethany, April, and Rubi at Fuddruckers
Abigail opening presents.
What a beautiful girl!
Stephanie, Abigail and Bethany.
Rubi, April, Bethany, Abigail, Sarah and Stephanie after their tummies were full.

On Tuesday the preschool summer camp that I am the Director of starts. Oh well so much for sleeping in.

On Saturday May 31st Hannah celebrated her 12th Birthday. Yea! We celebrated by going to Chandi's Bistro for lunch on Sunday for their Sunday Brunch (her choice). We are also still working out the details for her pool party. With school getting out it has been hard to have a weekend when we don't have a bunch of other things going on.

On June 3rd we had the first day of the preschool camp. It was a fun day for all I believe. We had a great week of camp.

On Friday June 6th Sarah had 10 inches of her hair cut off for the locks of love charity. Here are the after pictures... I did not get the before pictures from Bama (Debby Cash). She does have them. I may post them later.
Here she is with her 5 ponytails.

This is an after shot.

On Sunday June 8th we started VBS at our church. It was a fun and busy week. Between my work at the Westside club and helping with all the crafts it has been very, very busy. It was a great week. The kids had an amazing time. Abigail and Hannah helped with the preschoolers. Tyler was in charge of the Recreation. I was in charge of the crafts with Heather. Jonathan and Sarah got to come and have a wonderful week learning of God's wonderful love.

After Vbs we had another week (June 17th - 19th) of preschool camp. This week it was Prince and Princess week. I think it was enjoyed by all. This was an easier week to get ready for since most of the major work was done before the first week. Along with working at camp in the mornings, I worked at the Westside club at night.

On Wednesday June 18th Abigail had her hair cut off for Locks of Love also. She was the original reason we had even looked into Locks of Love. Her hair was so long and so thick. She had 10 or 11 inches cut off, she left a little more than Sarah so she would still have slightly long hair. She loves it ! Here is her after picture.
Hope I haven't bored everyone to tears. We are headed out this weekend so I will have some more to post when we get back. Tyler's sister is getting married so I will post some pictures of them when we get back. Abigail and Hannah head out for a week long choir tour with the youth group from church. The house will be very quiet next week. I pray that they have a safe trip and impact many with the presentation of the gospel through song.


Sophie Morand said...

Oh wouah, good job and thank you. I just love it. Have a great time at the wedding and do not forget to post more pics and comments.

Leigh Theo said...

Well, helllllllo Hoffmans! Thanks for the post after two months!! You all look terrific and I love the two new 'dos. Keep up the blogging...we like it!!