Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taking a tree down... a big job!

We are officially the Griswold's... we took our Christmas tree... OH this is so embarrassing.. on Feb. 7th. The big rush was really because we were having Pure Love Now weekend at our house. We were hosting the 9th grade girls for the weekend.. so we had to take it down or embarrass our children in front of their friends...So we set off!

As you can see from the pictures our tree was still very nice looking.... oh I failed to mention it was a live tree....
Taking down our tree is a very long process... I have to take off all the ornaments and then line them all up by the year so they can be put away in their appropriate year bag. Mainly to make sure we don't lose any or leave them in the tree.. I also have a printed list were we check off each ornament as we take them off and put them in the appropriate year pile. We store all our special ornaments in one big box with lots of ziploc bags with each year labeled so that when we put the tree up we can start with our first year together "(1988) till the present... we get an ornament for Tyler and I and each child, each year... Here are all the special ornaments lined up from our living room to our front door.
Y'all are sworn to secrecy, not to tell our shameful story!
Till next time,


Leigh said...

Oh my Heavenly Lord!! I am just not going to comment on this.

I'm not.

Sophie Morand said...

That is exactly what I was telling to myself: do I need to comment on that?? No, no, no!