Thursday, March 19, 2009



That is what I heard on Saturday March 7th.

Tyler hosted a wonderful surprise party for my 40th Birthday.

It was hosted at the Great Bay Oyster House. He did a wonderful job planning and organizing everything.

Lots of wonderful friends were able to make it. Lots of wonderful friends were not able to make it and sent well wishes. My parents were in town since they came up for Jonathan's baptism. My sister Michelle and her family came up from Georgia, so it was good to see them.

All in all it was a great night.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends that came and helped me celebrate!

I received many wonderful gifts.

I also received some fun Over the Hill gifts, thanks!

Tyler and several of my friends got me the Cricut that I have been wanting for a while. I have enjoyed getting to use it. I am currently on the hunt on Ebay for more cartridges to use on it. I found one on Sunday night and have already purchased it with some Birthday money. Yeah!

Here are some great pictures from the evening... if you were there and have some more pictures I would love to get them to add to my files.

Brad and Tracy and Randy and Chandis

Sophie and Luc

Leigh and Billy

Bama and Mark

Jed, Gerry and Matt

Casey and Doug

Michelle and Dean and Dad and Mom

My Beautiful cake

Blowing out ALL the candles!

Opening presents

The Cricut!

Great Friends

Forty and Fabulous!

Thanks again for a wonderful night!

Till next time,



Leigh said...

Awe, yay!

What a fun night! People should turn 40 more often. I do, in fact, think it is FABULOUS!

We had a lot of fun that night! Thanks for inviting us!

Leigh said...

Could we get some Disney pictures now?

Please and thank you!

Barbara Hoffman said...

I still have to do Jonathan's baptism and then on to the Disney pictures!

Anonymous said...


Sophie Morand said...

Excuse me, what is that awful picture of me!!!!!! Remove it pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!

Anyway, we were happy to share that special moment with you.

Rhonda said...

What fun...happy birthday!!! Sorry I'm so late. ;)

Tyler Hoffman said...

Happy Birthday Barb...I Love You. That was a great night.