Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sarah's 7th Birthday

This year we decided that since we are taking the kids to Disney for Spring Break that all the kids would bypass big parties this year. We told them they could pick their favorite restaurant and take 2 - 3 of their best friends out to eat to celebrate.
For Sarah's birthday she chose to take her 3 friends to Olive Garden to celebrate with her.
Here are her three good friends.
Sarah, Kate Elizabeth, Julia Kate and Lauren.
This is Sarah's best friend, Julia Kate. They have been best friends since Kindergarten. This year they are in the same class again.
Sarah being silly!
All the girls together for a nice picture.
The silly picture!
She received some wonderful gifts and had a great time.
Till next time,


Susan said...

Too cute! Kate Elizabeth had such a great time! It looks like the girls had a blast!

Sophie Morand said...

I still remember the little Sarah, the first year I worked at the ELC, she has changed so much, she is a beautiful little girl.