Monday, March 2, 2009

The big snow in South Carolina!

The first look at the snow, Sarah is catching snow flakes on her tongue.
Jonathan and Abigail are in amazement.
Toby doesn't know what to do in the snow... he had so much fun catching the snowballs in his mouth.
He was running around crazy.

All the girls in the snow.. Jonathan was still trying to get some shoes on.
Jonathan finally joined us for the picture.
They absolutely loved the snow and were looking forward to the morning time when they could go out again.
Sarah and Hannah having a snowball fight.
Sarah is cold and ready to come in.

Toby is ready to come in also.
Abigail peeking in on the picture.

Till next time,

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Sophie Morand said...

We LOVE the snow too but now we are sad that next Friday we have to work...