Friday, February 27, 2009

Cafe and Then Some

We have some wonderful friends that we love to go out with and have fun! Heather and Gerry, Shane and Laurie, and Kelly and Rich you are the best! We look forward to our next outing!
So on January 23rd we went to Greenville to see The Real Housewives of Oconee County at Cafe and Then Some. We saw them in the fall and had a ball when they had their last show... I am not sure what it was called.
We had a great time at the show but it was not as good as the last one... I am looking forward to a new show coming and us going again.
Afterwards we went back to Shane and Laurie's house and the boys played video games and the girls chatted.
All and all a fun evening!
Here are some pictures to prove it!

Gerry, Rich and Tyler
Shane, Gerry and Rich
Kelly and Heather
Heather and Laurie
Heather and Me.
Can you tell who took over the camera with all the pictures of the girls.
My sweetie, doesn't he look good!
Be back soon with some more posts.
Till next time


Jennifer said...

We went the weekend afterwards and had a blast. Can't wait until the next one...

Tyler Hoffman said...

Love the appearance of being bald w/ lack of light in background.....I'll ask Debbie to shave my head Wed. when J-man & i go!!