Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disney Day 5

Epcot and Hollywood Studios
April 2, 2009

We started off the day heading to Epcot to visit all the stuff we couldn't get to yesterday. We rode the Monorail from Magic Kingdom to Epcot. There were not a lot of people getting on the Monorail so we were able to let 4 people (Barb, Hannah, Jonathan and Sarah) ride in the front car with the engineer. All the kids got an "official" Engineer license. It was awesome riding up to Epcot and being able to see everything as we came up on it. Here are some shots of the kids with the view behind them.
Jonathan and Sarah
A good view of the "Ball"

The kids in front of the Ball

Our first order of business was to get a fast pass for Test Track.
We had to wait several hours before it was time to ride but we had plenty to see and do, so wait we would.
It was an awesome ride!!

We visited Pixie Hollow where Tinkerbell and her friends were.... well, floral sculptures of them.
Here are some flowers that I was able to take pictures of, they were gorgeous.

Sarah at Pixie Hollow

Abigail at Pixie Hollow

All the kids with Tinkerbell

Inside the Butterfly pavilion

Just outside the Butterfly pavilion

Beautiful flowers and beautiful children on our way to World Showcase for lunch.

We rode the Gran Fiesta boat ride.
Abigail, Sarah and Hannah

Barb, Jonathan and Tyler

Mi amor!!
My Mexican husband.....need I say more

The little Mexican

Inside the Mexico building

With Mexican Donald

In Norway

Once we had done everything we wanted in Epcot we left and went to the International Gateway. It is a boat ride that takes you around some of the Disney resorts that are on the water and then to Hollywood Studios.
We wanted to get back to Hollywood Studios to see the last American Idol show like we did the other night.
By the time we got there the line was very long and we did not get in. We did however watch the show on the jumbo tv for a little while. The show was not near as good as it was the other day.
We were able to visit some of the attractions that we missed the other day.
Jonathan, Hannah, Sarah and Abigail

Us with Frosty

Just outside Toy Story Midway Mania ride

We made reservations to eat at the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater to have dinner. It was a very cool restaurant were you sit in cars that are tables and watch a big drive in movie screen with old
sci-fi movies. It was a fun place to eat. Our waiter was a little obnoxious, but oh well.
At this point it was late and we were hungry so we dealt with it.
A neat experience, but I wouldn't eat there again.
Just outside the restaurant.
Tyler and the kids at the table
Me and Tyler.
Love Yah!

All and all a great day, very busy but a great day!
Till next time,

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Tyler Hoffman said...

I wanna do it again. Awesome pictures...Even the ones w/ the "Mexican" theme. Love Ya!