Monday, April 20, 2009

Disney Day 3

Disney Hollywood Studios
Tuesday March 31, 2009

The first thing we did once we arrived at Hollywood Studios is get a fast pass for Toy Story Midway Mania. The sad thing is that it was so busy that we had to wait till night time to ride the ride since all the earlier times were already gone... all I have to say is WOW!
We then walked over to the Journey Into Narnia: Prince Caspian show, it was okay but since Abigail is the only one who read it and saw the movie the rest of us were out of the loop. We then went into Walt Disney, One Man's Dream. It is a self guided tour of his life. The kids really enjoyed it. They really love history and museums. Afterwards we went to the Magic of Disney Animation show.... which is followed by an animation class..... It was very cool! The kids loved it. The animator showed us step by step how to draw Pluto. This was one of their favorites since they asked several times if we could go back and do another character. Here are the scanned in pictures.
Sarah's Pluto
Jonathan's Pluto
Hannah's Pluto
Abigail's Pluto

Barb's Pluto, I messed up on the ear.

Tyler's Pluto

They all came out really good, we all learned some cool lessons about being an animator.
We then headed to see Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

We also met some characters!
Rhino and Bolt

The Incredibles


One of the cool Mickeys

Jonathan watching the Sparky street show.

The block party bash parade!

Jonathan yelling loud when they told him to.

Star Wars Photo Op

American Idol

Sarah met the High School Musical cast, they cancelled the show since it had rained, but we tried to go to the last show but missed it. :-(

Here is a picture of the kids near Honey I shrunk the kids movie set.
I have one of them from the last time we went (2004), also in the same spot. Now you can't climb on the truck anymore.
It is amazing how much they have grown!

We met some more characters.
Mike and Sully

The Streets of America
Tyler and the kids, Abigail, Hannah and Jonathan rode the Rockin Roller coaster while Sarah and I got in line for the American Idol 7:00 finale show. Tyler was able to get in before they closed the doors, we were not able to sit together, but close. It was an awesome show.... they had some wonderful talent there that night.
After a long day at Hollywood Studios we left when the park closed around 8:30 and took a shuttle bus to one of the Disney Resorts and then caught a bus to Downtown Disney.
Our resort only had one bus that picked up after 9:30 pm and it was at 12:00 am... so needless to say... the kids were VERY Tired by the time we got home.
Here are some shots of Sarah with the princesses,.,.. just think there was no line to get your picture with them and she was just as happy!

One last shot of the kids before they got really cranky.
This dragon is in the lake around downtown Disney and just outside the huge Lego store, but it is made out of Legos. It is very cool!
All in all it was another Great Day!
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Tracy said...

Love it! I want to go!

Sophie Morand said...

Love the drawing of Pluto!