Saturday, April 11, 2009

Disney Day 1

Magic Kingdom
Sunday March 29th

This is always our first stop when we get to Disney. We have several shots of the kids at the front gate from over the years. This morning when we left the condo it was raining just slightly... well Tyler had watched the weather and thought it would be light and out of the area by 12 noon, so we decided that we would leave the ponchos in the car at the resort instead of carrying them around all day. Bad move on our part... it rained hard off and on till about 2 or 3.... so needless to say we were very wet..It down poured as we were getting off the bus at the Transportation center..,, it slowed while we were on the monorail and started raining hard again once we got off the monorail. At this point it had stopped for a while.

Our first stop inside was to see Pinocchio. Sarah wanted nothing to do with him. So we didn't push it. It gave us a chance to get in from the rain for a little.

We then went to get some fast passes and then we went to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin since the line wasn't that long.

Here is Sarah on our all time favorite ride, It's a Small World.

Jonathan on It's a Small World



and Abigail, none of me I was behind the camera.

One of the parades we saw today.

The kids infront of Mickey and Minnie and "The Castle"

Sarah driving on the Indy speedway while Tyler, Abigail and Jonathan went on Space Mountain, this is one of my favorite pictures of Sarah

Hannah on the Indy speedway at the end of the ride.

Sarah once she was done. Her and Hannah loved the ride!

After meeting back up with Dad, Abigail and Jonathan they all went on the Astro Orbiter.
Jonathan, Sarah and Tyler

Hannah and Abigail

In front of the Walt Disney and Mickey statue

Watching the fireworks at the end of the night!

Jonathan enjoying the fireworks

All the kids and Tyler.

All in all it was a great day.
Till next time,


Stacy said...

Glad to know we weren't the only wet! Magic Kingdom is our favorite park.We could just got there everyday!

Tyler Hoffman said...

Ran cleared out eventually.....told you it would. Turned out to be a great day....and week! Looks like Sarah got zapped too (3rd picture down) on the Space Ranger Spin!