Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Awana Grand Prix

I will make this short so I can get on to the Disney posts.... Jonathan and Sarah competed in the Awana Grand Prix at church. Jonathan has done this several years now... but this is the first one Tyler was able to go to. He was very excited. You see... normally we are out of town for my birthday every year, and the Grand Prix always seemed to fall on the same weekend.. this year since I had the big party we did not go out of town. This was Sarah's first time competing... they both had a fun time and earned some trophies and medals. We think their cars were the best! Obviously not the fastest but surely the cutest!

Apparently this is what girls do at a Grand Prix...:-)

After the award ceremony


Stacy said...

Everyone had a great time that day:)

Sophie Morand said...

Love the pic of the girls!!! Congratulations on the medals and trophies! By the way, Happy Easter!