Monday, August 18, 2008

Sarah Katherine Hoffman

Sarah Katherine Hoffman
February 21, 2002

Sarah is our third daughter, fourth child and our "second last child". She is full of spunk and smiles. She was just born with a good personality! Sarah was born on February 21, 2002 at Gwinnett Medical Center in Georgia also. Tyler kept telling me I should wait to be induced till the 22nd so she would have a cooler birth date, 2/22/02, I told him that my body would be happy with 2/21/02. Sarah's name came out of Genesis, we couldn't find any that we liked in 1st Samuel. We knew we wanted her name to be a letter after j since we had gone through the alphabet in order A,H,J then S. I can't remember ever thinking seriously about any names for her other than Sarah. We went round and round about her middle name, and how to spell it, whether with a C or a K. I am sure if I had kept a baby book for her I would remember. I didn't but I have plenty of pictures of her to put in one if I ever get one. *My pregnancy with Sarah was pretty easy. I worked at Chili's up until the week before I delivered her. It did help with getting good tips. Most people didn't realize that I was even pregnant until they saw me from the side without my apron on.

*Sarah was the first baby that Abigail and Hannah saw being born. They were in the delivery room with me for about an hour until I had Sarah. They colored in a coloring book and occasionally they would come over and look to see how far along I was. Hannah's eyes were as big as saucers when Sarah finally started coming out.

*Sarah had a pacifier that she sucked till about one and a half, and a blanket that a friend in Atlanta had made her. She never really got attached to the blanket until she was about one and always had to have the blanket to suck on. She sucked on the blanket just as she would have had it been a pacifier. When she turned 2 and was still carrying around a large crib sized blanket every where I took desperate measures and had a kind woman from our new church in Spartanburg to try and duplicate the pattern with similar yarn. It was a success. She made 5 hand towel sized blankets that Sarah could easily carry and take every where with her and that I could wash and still have a spare.

*Sarah loves the camera, she came out smiling. She has done several catalog photo shoots for Millie Lewis. The main one she has done was for Smile Makers catalog. *Sarah is all girl she loves dress up and most times you see her she is already dressed up or is asking if she can go put on her dress up clothes. She loves anything pink and girly.

She loves going to school. She has always wanted to go with me when she was in preschool and go to "her class" right away in the mornings and not wait for her class to start. She started reading very early. Well memorizing, she could "read" us her first book when she was in Ms. Karen's 4K class. She read me Biscuit and I just was so proud. She has been officially reading since being in Ms Hanna's kindergarten class. She was able to read most short books about Christmas time last year. Now she reads everything.

*I am so proud of the young lady she is growing into. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with her life. She is our last and the child that helped us to be so thankful for extra blessings. I don't know what life would have been like without her.

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Rhonda said...

How neat...I used to work at Smilemakers. I'm in one of their old catalogs as a nurse. Funny, I know!! ;)

Tyler Hoffman said...

Sarah ALWAYS warms my heart with her smile. She just makes you smile and feel great. I love to listen to her talk and explain things in detail with such animation!!

Sophie Morand said...

I agree with Tyler, 02/22 was much better... that is my birthday!! Ha! Ha! Ha!