Monday, August 11, 2008

Hannah Leigh Hoffman

Hannah Leigh Hoffman
May 31, 1996
Hannah is our second daughter. She is full of life and living it to the fullest.
She was born on May 31, 1996 at Bristol Hospital also. My pregnancy with her was much easier. With Abigail I was sick for about 7 months. With Hannah I was only sick for about 4 months. I knew what to expect this time, and it made life much easier. Hannah's name came out of 1st Samuel also. The other names that we were thinking of for her were Haley Ann if she was a girl and Brady Alexander if she was a boy.
*Since Abigail nursed for almost 12 months straight... we decided to give Hannah a bottle at 2 weeks so she would take it if we ever needed her to. She loved it! She was our paci sucking, bottle drinking second child. Hannah weened herself from nursing by 6 months. I cried!
*Hannah has slept with her blanket since day one. I think if you looked on her bed somewhere on it you would find her blanket. She loved it. It is a blue Gymboree blanket with small red apples on it. It has survived pretty well over the years. It was the blanket that I brought her home in and matched her outfit and Abigail's outfit.
*She is a tomboy at heart. She has tried just about every sport out there. When she was younger she did Gymnastics and Ballet. Since we moved to South Carolina, she has tried Baseball (she played on an all boys team and won first place for her division), and last summer she played on a girls basketball league. We are not sure what she will try next.
*Hannah is my musical child. She has taken guitar lessons and loved it. We stopped because her teacher was no longer doing it. Hannah is in Honors Chorus at Dawkins. She has a beautiful voice!
*Hannah is the child that helped us to realize how we could love another child the same as our first. When she was born we went to man on man defense.
*Hannah is my approval girl. She loves to get affirmation for her hard work. I love to give it to her!

*I am so proud of her and the young woman she is becoming.
*She is my second and taught me how to be a Mommy to two girls.
Next time I will tell you about my Jonathan.
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Tyler Hoffman said...

Such a blessing she all our children are. I love you.

Sophie Morand said...

Just one thing to say : she soooo pretty.