Monday, September 22, 2008

My car will not start

This is usually not a good thing, but today especially it wasn't a good thing. I was going out to my car to go pick Jonathan and Sarah up from Good News Club. Well I stuck my keys in the ignition and nothing happened. I mean NOTHING! I started to panic, I needed to be at school by 3:45 and it was quickly getting to be that time as I continued to try and figure it out. I finally conceded that I would not be able to get my car started. I called the school and figured out that my neighbor Anne Claire was still at school and would be able to bring my children home. Yeah! I had to call Bunnie my boss at the Westside Club, and tell her that I would not be able to make it since my car was not moving. Well let me explain, I would put the key in the ignition and it would not move, it was locked for the most part. This did not make sense. I tried to call the Honda dealership, they did not answer. I finally looked closer at the keys and realized that they were not my keys, they looked like my keys, it was my key ring, my Honda key, my Honda remote my toile key, my Saturn car key and several other keys , Oh wait I don't have a toile key or a Saturn key. Whose keys were these????? It finally dawned on me they were Heather's keys... we have the same key ring and the same type of van so we have the same car stuff, I must have picked them up on Sunday thinking they were mine...; Wow I feel quite foolish.:-( She had been looking for her keys all night last night and this morning. Well once I realized that I had the wrong keys, I was able to get my keys and head off to work after Anne Claire dropped off Sarah and Jonathan. It was a great night at work I only had a few kids and got to leave early.
Hope you got a chuckle out of my story
Till next time


Rhonda said...

Haha! Sounds like something I would do! :)

Leigh Theo said...

Wow! You know you are best friends when your KEYS even look alike! LOL! Glad you figured out the problem and got it all worked out. At first, I thought you had gotten stuck at school and I felt sooooo bad! Good thing it was just a mix up!

PS - From now on, I'm going to comment on EVERY POST. So, make 'em good!! (Like always, of course) :)

Sophie Morand said...

That was too funny (when we know the end of the story... not at the beginning, I felt bad for you!)