Friday, September 19, 2008

Kid's say the cutest things

I just need to tell you a cute story that Jonathan's teacher told me yesterday when I went in to help her. She said Jonathan came up to her very serious and said (I will try to recreate what was said).
Jonathan: "You are very lucky to have me in your class this year!"

Teacher: (Trying to keep a straight face) "Well Jonathan I know, but what do you mean?"
Jonathan: " Well you know that I have never gotten below and "A" EVER! and I don't plan to this year either!"
Teacher: "Well I didn't expect anything less of you."
I am sure some more was said, but this was all I could remember. He is so cute.... I am glad his teacher thinks he is as cute also, or this exchange may not have been as good. Let me just say this before you all think it. He did not get his big ego from me or his father, not sure where it came from. But cute all the same.
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jkstrib said...

Jonathan is hilarious! He has a twin at my school, a seriously handsome dude ;)! Every time I see him I think of Jonathan.