Friday, September 19, 2008

Free at Chick Fil A part 2

As most of my regular readers already know we will do just about anything for a free meal. We dressed like cow to get a free meal, we frequent kids eat free establishments regularly and we use certificates often. On Labor Day Chick fil A had a promotion that if you wore a football team shirt, logo etc... that they would give you a free "new" 4(?) piece chicken strips. We heard this and of course we all were trying to figure out what we could wear. The kids all had something to wear, Tyler and I had to pull out some old Penn State stuff, Tyler's was a new shirt, mine was a sweat shirt I bought when we were dating... it still fit! Yeah... well it was waaaaaay too hot to wear it so I just wrapped it around my waist, but I still got my chicken strips. Here are some shots of the kids at Chick fil A.
Do I need to mention again that we LOVE Chick fil A!!!!

Hope you enjoyed today's post, check back for more tomorrow! or maybe later tonight.
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Sophie Morand said...

Your family is so funny and the kids look good with their team shirts or cap on but we would love to see you and Tyler too in your Penn State stuff!!