Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well its been a while since I have posted. We have been very busy. Sarah lost her other loose bottom tooth, and she also has two top teeth now that are loose. I can't wait for her to loose them. I will be sure to post some pictures when this happens. Tyler and I went away for some much needed time away last weekend. We went to Sapphire Valley, NC. for two nights. We left Friday night in the rain and drove up the winding, wet, rainy roads thru Pickens county, let me tell you this is something I will not soon forget. Boy did I get car sick.

Saturday we went to The Biltmore house and boy was it beautiful. We were so impressed that we bought season passes so we could go back again with the kids. Here is a shot outside the house. Wow it is huge...!!!

After leaving the house we went to the gardens to see the flowers. Right now is the festival of flowers there. So the tulips were in bloom and gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite shots. I hope you enjoy them.

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