Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks for coming to hang with us. Today is Saturday and not much is happening since its raining outside. Baseball practice was cancelled for Jonathan and we are just hanging out at home.
I will give you a short recap of last week. We just finished up a great week of relaxing over spring break. We had lots of fun staying close to home. Tyler had to work this week so we all stayed here. Tyler had to work on Sunday from 12 till 12 so he had Monday off. We spent all day Monday working on the van, putting new rear brake pads and some other required maintenance. He made sure to spend his day off fixing the car so we would be able to venture out all week on our adventures, since we couldn't get an appointment to have the brakes done till after spring break.
Abigail and Hannah had a fun week with the youth group at church. They did "Spring Rush" where they did a Bible study and ministered to a family in our community all week and finished the week off with a trip to Pump it up, CiCi's and bowling. As for Jonathan and Sarah and Me (Barb) we did fun things each day.
On Sunday Jonathan had a sleepover with his friend Jake. They had a fun night and day on Monday playing wii and other games. They did have baseball practice but because of bad weather that was to come they cancelled it. So they played some more. Then we took Jake home and picked up his sister Hannah, so Sarah and her could have a sleepover. Sarah had so much fun playing with Hannah. They played with her babies and her American girl dolls.
On Tuesday we had a slow morning of playing. I had a meeting with Kim about preschool summer camp, so Jonathan and Sarah went with me to church and played with shaving cream on the tables. They made the tables so clean and shiny and had fun all the while. It was the first meeting I have ever had that they did not come and visit during. Yeah ! Then on to work for me. I had to work from 3:30 till 8 at the Westside Club. Jonathan had a scrimmage at the Dorman freshman campus till about 7 or so and then we all met up for dinner at Golden Corral.
Wednesday came and it was field trip day. The kids were so excited. We called Ms. Heather to see if Garrett and Owen wanted to go, and of course they did. We had also invited Jake and Hannah to come earlier in the week since their mom had to work all week also. We had so much fun. After a long (with 6 kids in a van any trip is long) ride up to Rutherford, NC. we arrived at the Children's Museum. The kids had so much fun. See some pictures below, if they will load up.
Thursday was a slow day I had my hair colored and the younger kids played on Webkinz at the beauty shop. Friday was a work day for me. I had to start working on all the details for preschool summer camp. Then a quiet evening at home. Sorry for the long post. Hopefully once I get the hang of this blogging I will post every day or so.
Till then

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Sophie Morand said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Is it far from here ?