Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Morning

Welcome to our Carolina Christmas

Here are some shots from Christmas Morning

Abigail opening her stocking items
Sarah, Jonathan and Abigail

Jonathan looking at his Star Wars fandex.

Jonathan got Madden 09, this will save us lots at Blockbuster, he always wants to rent it!
Tyler and Hannah, opening a much needed gift.
Hannah and Abigail acting silly.
Sarah's big gift this year an American Girl Doll, Ruthie.
Jonathan's big gift this year, a bike.
Hannah's big gift, an electric guitar.

Abigail's big gift, a cell phone.
I think she was the last of her friends to get one.
Me getting my new coat! Yeah!!!

The After look!

Jonathan playing with his roller coaster set.
Well that is a wrap up of our morning.... hope you enjoyed it!
Till next time


Sophie Morand said...

Ouah, that is a lot of presents. Looks like everybody was good this year!

Tyler Hoffman said...

I love the coat on you w/ the scarf