Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

Our little Christmas tree in our dining room.
This was Tyler's Mom and Dad's tree.

The kids tree in the office.
This is the tree that all the kids homemade ornaments go on, and that they decorate all by themselves.

This is the family tree that Santa came to visit while we slept!

Another view of our tree!

The tree we forgot we bought last year.

We found this Christmas Eve, it was supposed to be the new kid's tree. We planned to put the 6ft tree (this years kids tree) in the dining room and this tree in the office for the kids since they are running out of room. This would also allow for some of our other ornaments to come off the main tree and give us more room for the ornaments we get every year. Maybe next year we will remember.


Leigh said...

HA!!! That's hilarious! You need to get Sophie to send you a reminder next year, because she is the only one out of the three of us who will actually remember anything of importance!!

Too funny! Love the trees that you did remember!

Leigh :)

Sophie Morand said...

I could not stop laughing, you forgot one tree!!!! Too funny.

Tyler Hoffman said...

We should have a goal to put one up in every room!!!