Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well all I can say is I am not keeping up with anything in my life... as I sit here blogging... I have not updated in a long time... I need to work on doing a very large and long update (not today though)... so be sure to have some time to devote the next time you come to my blog... it will be long I am sure... As of right now, I have no presents wrapped (except the Christmas Pj's they will wear tonight...), I have no cookies made, my Christmas cards were just picked up today!! (a side note... always pay the extra for 1 day at Wal mart.... I never realized when I ordered them a week and a half ago that they would not be in until today Christmas eve, and when I went into the store to see if I could get the envelopes so at least I could address them and get them out as soon as we picked them up, of course they said NO! grrrrrrrrrrrrr.),
and my house is somewhat of a wreck from all the shopping, grocery shopping and getting ready to bake cookies, plus I never really fully decorated this year since I was so busy with everything this year for some reason... I am not really sure what made me so far behind. Our living room is decorated and the front porch is decorated and we have candles in every window, but that is it! We usually have icicle lights up, wreaths on each window, and the whole house is usually decorated.
NOT this year..:-(
Well, I had better go I have a LOT to do.
I mainly wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Christ filled Christmas...!!
See you in a few days!


Tyler Hoffman said...

We'll make sure to decorate more next year. Only 11 quick months away!! Love Ya! said...

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