Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Its December Already.......

We have been very busy around here I have not posted in so long....I will give you a short recap of our December so far and maybe a little of our November.

We had a wonderful visit with Tyler's sister and her family over Thanksgiving... they drove down from Pennslyvania on Wednesday night... we shared a wonderful Thanksgiving meal! His sister Angie and I decided that there was nothing that special that we needed to get up really early for, so we slept in and went out about 9am or so. Got a few good deals and called it a day.

Friday evening Tyler, Jonathan, Hannah and his sister's family all went to the Dorman High football game against Byrnes for the spot in the state championship. It was a good game but Dorman couldn't hold them this time. Abigail, Sarah and me opted to go to Haywood mall for a little more shopping. We had a fun time. I forgot to take any pictures of the kids and their cousins over Thanksgiving... I was going to take a picture of the cute plates the kids used but someone used the last one!

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