Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas - December 2009

Christmas Eve....
We had a very busy day and the kids were getting very excited as the night went on.
As a tradition the kids get to open 1 present from us on Christmas Eve, their Christmas Pajamas.
Once we have gotten into our jammies we head off to church for the 11:30 church service.
It is a great service to get our heads focused on the real reason for Christmas.
Hannah and Sarah are ready and waiting to open their pajamas.

We made reindeer food to sprinkle on the front lawn so the reindeer could find the house.
Hannah did a great job!

Sarah opening her P.J's finally!!!

Poor Jonathan didn't even have a robe to put on while opening his P.J.'s

Hannah opening her jammies... she loved the plaid!!
I knew she would love them.

Abigail opening her jammies.... I was hoping she would like her pajamas... She did!

All the kids posing in their pajamas before we headed off to church....
Abigail, Jonathan, Sarah and Hannah

Toby is excited about Christmas also.... can't you tell??

Posing in front of the tree.

The kids set cookies and milk out for Santa.... Santa loves cookies!!

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Santa came!

The kids waiting on the stairs to go see what Santa brought.

First things first.... Tyler read the Christmas story to the kids.

Abigail opening her stocking.

Toby posing again.....

Sarah with her horse she got for her American girl doll.

Jonathan got a ramp for his tech decks.

Sarah got a pin "thingy", not sure what it is called... but every time we are in Target she finds one and plays with it. Can you tell she was excited?

Hannah got this great hat and scarf set.

She got a sweat shirt that she has worn just about every day since Christmas... I think she likes it, what do you think?

Sarah got a digital camera also.

Abigail got a bunch of clothes.

Jonathan got some clothes too!

Tyler like the sweater and jeans that the kids bought him.

Tyler and the kids made me this great shirt... I am hoping to lose some weight so it fits me a little better.
I love it, didn't they do such a GREAT job?

Toby is ready for this to all be over...

Sarah got a riding outfit for her doll also.

We had a wonderful Christmas. All the kids got some great presents from us and Santa.
I took a lot more pictures, but I will save you from looking at them all.
All in all it was a great Christmas,
Till next time,

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