Wednesday, December 23, 2009

October 2009

Well October started off with a bang! On October 8th I received a call and message from the district 6 transportation office and I was about to be really mad at one of my kids..... but when I called back they told me that the bus could not drop Jonathan or Sarah off at the house since there were fire trucks up there and a house was on fire. At this time, I wasn't thinking about being angry anymore, instead, I was just a bit worried that it was OUR house on fire. After speaking with the bus driver I found out it was not our house, but I was still very concerned. I arranged for the kids to get dropped off at a neighbors since I was on the east side of town taking care of getting an ad for Abigail's upcoming Academic Challenge at Dorman. It turns out that it was our neighbor's house that was on fire and I finally got home to see the kids and all the happenings on our cul-de-sac.

We were saddened for our dear friends Darla and Richard.... they had extensive damage to the left side of their house and will be out till after the new year.

On October 10th Tyler and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. It was a very busy day for us, we started off at 6am at the Miracle Hill Mission making breakfast. We then went directly to Jonathan's football game. After a rainy victory, we headed to our church's annual Fall Festival to have some fun and hopefully sell some Chick-fil-a calendars. Tyler and Abigail were at Spartanburg High School for an Academic team tournament, so they met us at church later. It was a cold and rainy day, but the kids still had a ton of fun at the Fall Festival.

On October 16th we went with Jonathan to the Dorman game. It was little league night and they were all introduced to the crowd and got to run out of the helmet with the big players.... they were so excited all night!! It was an awesome night!!

The rest of October was spent running to football practices and games..... such is life in the fall.

On Friday October 30th the girls left for Wise, VA. for a youth retreat. They said they had a great time of fun and awesome preaching. They came home on Sunday Nov. 1st very tired but very inspired to live differently!

We decided this year to forgo our usual night passing out candy at Trunk-0r-Treat and go around our neighborhood. We have never done this since moving here so it was a nice change since we only had Jonathan and Sarah. After finishing up in our neighborhood and when the rain started we decided to go through the Trunk or Treat at church and get some candy and say hey to our friends. The kids enjoyed this also. Afterwards we went to Denny's to get some free kids meals since it was Saturday night.

Getting ready to head out....

Getting closer to heading out....

Gotta pose some more for mom.....

Getting a picture with mom.............

Posing with Ms. Jill at Trunk-or-treat

Having dinner at Denny's..... Yum!

Sarah tuckered out after a long night.....

she is always the first one asleep at our house!

All in all it was a great month

Till next time,


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